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Vegan Star Active

How do you recognize a really good device? All non-essential parts have been left off, and all sensible changes made.

For more quality – more safety and longer service!

Different features compared with other devices:

6 programmes instead of 5

For the optimal preparation of your drinks, choose the right programme according to the ingredients required.

Organic Programme

to protect heat-sensitive vitamins

warming up to only 70 degrees

Housing of the engine block made of stainless steel

For decades in all areas of food industry this high quality material has been the leader with regard to terms of durability, hygiene and ease of care.

Moisture-protected electronics

Moisture-protected contacts

between the upper part of the device and the water tank

2 cutting knives

Water tank

with swirling ribs for optimal crushing of the ingredients and thus for fuller, creamy drinks

Instead of heating rod –  integrated, covered heating element

The annoying cleaning of the heating element is no longer necessary.

The heater is integrated in bottom of the device.