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for soy-drink and cow’s milk

With our VEGAN STAR Yogurt Maker you can easily produce delicious tasting healthy yogurt.
The required milk or drink can be bought in stores (soy drink or cow’s milk) or even self-made.

Technology – block method

In a 1 liter container, the lactic acid bacteria mature much better than in small, individual glasses.
This procedure also eliminates the tedious filling and space-consuming storage in the refrigerator. The desired amount of yogurt can be taken out of the container.
Cleaning the device is quick and easy.
It is well known that the production of yogurt from soy drink is particularly difficult and usually succeeds only in a thin consistency. By using natural gelling agents you can increase the firmness as desired.

Floating method using bicomponent heater

that means, the milk is kept at the necessary temperature of 42 degrees at intervals. Overheating and thus damage to the enzymes is not possible.
Basically, 42 degrees for ferments is the ideal temperature. With these conditions, the cultures can spread best.

Extremely important for the production!

Basically, 42 ° is the ideal temperature for the development of the enzymes in the production of yogurt. With these conditions, the cultures can best multiply.. A temperature reduction therefore means less valuable bakery in your yogurt

Technical specifications:

Capacity: 1 liter
footprint: 13 x 13 cm
Height: 27,5 cm
Weight: 800 gram
Heating-capacity: 12 Watt/ 230V 50Hz
Electric power consumption: 12 watts – Production consumption over 12 hours about 5 cents!
Made of ABS, food safe – CE
warranty**: 2 years

Especially suitable for the production of soy yogurt!

Today the homemaker not only attaches importance to quality also to design of household helpers. Stainless steel and the neutral color black correspond to the contemporary taste.

here you will find the detailed warranty terms