Vegan Star active


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Vegan Star active – the new device from the world of Vegan Star.
Now with 6 programs – also BIO program.

Vegan Star active


Nature-conscious people…

… choose high-quality, practical devices today and value quality and durability.

A lot of development work has been done since the first devices for making vegan drinks were introduced under the name Vegan Star.

With Vegan Star active we have again succeeded in realizing some significant developments.

Above all, we hope to increase the service life significantly by increasing the security of the electronics and the connection points.

The design of the device in stainless steel fits in every kitchen. The smooth stainless steel surfaces are quick and easy to clean.

The stainless steel water tank is 100% BPA-free! The double-walled jug prevents extreme heat on the outside wall and at the same time insulates the heat on the inside.

Cleaning: Program no. 6 is available for the first pre-cleaning of the device. After that, thorough cleaning is just child’s play

More programs

Program 1 – For all types of grain – with cooking program
Program 2 – ONLY for soaked soybeans – with cooking program
Program 3 – ONLY for non-soaked soybeans – with cooking program
Program 4 – BIO – for drinks and soups – heating up to 70 degrees
Program 5 – For rice drinks, thick soups, etc. with a cooking program
Program 6 – For drinks – without heating (shakers and mixers)

More quality – more security

  1. Protected electronics in their own safety box – for a longer service life of the device beyond the warranty
  2. Improved protection of the device parts against splashing water
  3. Own on/off switch
  4. non-slip feet ensure the device stands securely

For more flavor:

Large CAPACITY – up to 300 grams of ingredients can be filled

  • That’s a lot more than usual!!!
  • Every gram of soybeans counts! The more soybeans you can fill in and the better the device grinds, the thicker, creamier and tastier your “vegan milk” will be.
  • The more ingredients – the more vitamins and vital substances!
  • Tofu and soy yoghurt also turn out better with rich “vegan milk”!
  • So far we have not had a device in the house with which it was possible to process such a large quantity of soaked ingredients. Filling up to 300 grams is no problem for VEGAN STAR. The powerful motor handles this large capacity effortlessly.
  • The okara or leftover grain left in the filter can be used for spreads, desserts, etc. (see recipes).

Easiest cleaning

Don’t be afraid of tedious cleaning of the device!

Vegan Star active stainless steel container
Vegan Star Active stainless steel container

Why do so many appliances gather dust in the kitchen cupboard?
Because cleaning the device spoils the joy of using it!
Tedious cleaning of the ingredient filter and the heating element is finally a thing of the past!
So far, cleaning the filter housing and the heating element (it was not possible to use the dishwasher) was the biggest and most tedious part of the cleaning process.

Special solvents to remove the stuck protein particles and soaking the filter for hours was often necessary. In the course of time, the small filter openings often became clogged and this led to a serious deterioration in the “vegan milk”.

After finishing the preparation, fill the container with water and add a drop of washing-up liquid. You press program no. 5 and the container is already pre-cleaned. Remove any remaining residue with a sponge, rinse and you’re done!

All advantages of the VEGAN STAR active in detail under: Why Vegan Star active

Technical specifications:

Model: Vegan Star active – food processor for the household
Voltage: 230V
Frequency: 50Hz
Heating power: 750 W
Motor power: 200W
Weight: 2.5kg
Water capacity: 1.1 1.3L
Height: 33cm
Footprint: 17 x 23.5 cm

Weight 8 kg