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sample-img-9People who love nature…

Vegan Star Active - Touchpaneel … nowadays choose upmarket, practical machines and look for quality and long service.

Vegan Star fulfils these requirements and now for the first time following the request of many customers for a

stainless steel container instead of a plastic one

100 % BPA-free

Today we are pleased to present you the latest machine:

sample-img-9VEGAN STAR active

  1. By more modern, innovative technology and brilliant design
  2. Easy, safe operation
  3. Stainless steel container (instead of plastic) therefore 100% BPA-free
  4. With 6 programmes – including an organic programme
  5. No filter housing – so easiest possible cleaning
  6. With built-in hotplate – no difficult to clean heating element
  7. Slow start – quieter running of engine
  8. Better sealing against water when cleaning
  9. non-slip feet.

How to recognise a really good device?

All unnecessary features dropped and sensible ones realized.

All the advantages of the new VEGAN STAR active in detail…
With the development of the VEGAN STAR active machine – the successor of the VEGAN STAR active – we have again succeeded in taking an important step towards more quality, safety, and long life.

Higher quality

Above all, the new stainless steel housing has at last fulfilled the demand for a
BPA-free machine.
In the food industry this high-quality material has for decades been the leader with regard to durability, hygiene and easy maintenance.
Quieter motor noise due to SLOW-START feature

More programmes

  • For making soy drinks using non-soaked soybeans
  • For making soy drinks using pre-soaked soybeans
  • For making rice-, grain-drinks etc. with boiling process. Programme for cooked soups
  • Organic programme for making vegan drinks from ingredients which can be heated but not boiled
  • Milling programme for making vegan drinks with no heating process. Making of fruit drinks

Improved safety standards

Electronics in own protection box – for longer durability of the machine even over the warranty period
Improved protection of machine parts against water splashing
Separate on/off switch
Non-slip feet ensure stability of the machine

For more taste:

Increased volume – up to 300 grams can be processed
That is far more than possible up to now!!!Every gram of soybeans counts! The more soybeans you can use and the better the machine cuts, the thicker, more creamy and tastier your “vegan milk” will be. The more ingredients – the more vitamins and essential nutrients! Even tofu and soy yoghurt succeed better with rich “vegan milk”!
So far, we could not offer a machine with which such a large amount of pre-soaked ingredients could be processed at once.
For VEGAN STAR active, processing up to 300 grams is no problem. The powerful motor can easily cope with such a large quantity. The Okara remaining in the filter or the remains of grain can be used for spreads, desserts, etc.
(see recipes).

No need to be wary of the tedious cleaning of the appliance!

Why are so many machines left to gather dust in kitchen cabinets?
Because cleaning the device spoils the pleasure of using it!
Tiresome cleaning of the ingredient filter and the heating element is finally a thing of the past!
Up to now cleaning of the filter housing and the heating element (both non-dishwasher proof!) was the most tedious and time-consuming part.
Special cleaning agents were often necessary to remove the protein particles which were stuck to the filter and even soaking the filter for several hours was often called for. In the course of time blockage of the small openings of the filter often occurred resulting in a deterioration in the quality of the “vegan milk”.
After finishing the production fill water into the tank and add a drop of detergent. Press programme no. 5 and at once cleaning of the container starts. Remove any remaining residue with a sponge, rinse and it’s done!

Technical data:

Modell: Vegan Star active – Household kitchen appliance
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Heating power: 750 W
Motor power: 200 W
Weight: 2,5 kg
Water Content: 1,1 – 1,3 l
Height: 33 cm
Standing space: 17 x 23,5 cm


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