Special offer: Vegan Star active + 5kg organic soybeans


VEGAN STAR + 5 kg peeled organic soy beans

Nature-conscious people …

… choose today high-quality, practical devices with quality and durability.

Vegan Star fulfills these requirements and now for the first time also the desire of many customers for one

Containers made of stainless steel instead of plastic!

100 % BPA-free

We are pleased to present you our special offer:


  1. With more modern, innovative technology and skilful design
  2. safe and easy operation
  3. With a housing made of stainless steel (instead of plastic) therefore 100% BPA-free
  4. With 5 programs – including an organic program
  5. Without filter housing – therefore very easy to clean
  6. With underfloor heating – without a heating rod that is laborious to clean
  7. Slow Start – the motor starts more quietly
  8. Better sealing against ingress of water during cleaning
  9. non-slip feet.


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