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In the past, chicken eggs were the only source of lecithin. However, this lecithin, which was extracted from the egg yolk, spoiled quickly and decomposed under the influence of air and heat. In the meantime, people also know about the side effects of cholesterol.

Nowadays, high-quality lecithin is obtained from soybean without any annoying side effects.

Especially Prof. Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, owes its discovery to the essential properties of lecithin.

Our entire organism needs lecithin to survive in order to break down fats and cholesterol. ‘Thereby, lecithin protects against hardening of the arteries.
A strong heart and elastic veins are the best conditions for a long life in good health. Lecithin makes an important contribution to this.

Lecithin also plays an important role in metabolism. It also prevents an excess of fat from being stored in the tissue.

With Vegan Star you make valuable soy drinks with natural lecithin content.

The most important lecithin sources of plant origin:

Seeds, nuts, grain, unrefined seed oils, legumes – especially soybeans, green leafy vegetables, wheat and brewers yeast.

Lecithin also contains animal products: its content in offal like liver, brain, kidney and heart.

Lecithin -robber:

Coffee and tea, sulfur-containing medicines, alcohol

How much lecithin does a person need?

A tablespoon of soy lecithin (about 7.5 grams) provides the body with the necessary amount of lecithin.

Vegetarians and especially vegans have an increased need for lecithin. Even people with weak nervous constitution, if they are also under stress. People who suffer from poor digestion and the elderly.

Our advice: Make soy milk yourself at home with Vegan Star and enjoy healthy drinks!

Lecithin for the sake of beauty:

Beautiful, smooth and young-looking skin as well as full, healthy and shiny hair comes from within and also from the outside. A lack of vitamin A dries out skin and hair, leaving it feeling flaky and tired. It is interesting to see how beneficial the vitamin A contained in lecithin is on the skin and hair. That’s why lecithin is an important ingredient in many skin creams, soaps, shampoos and lotions as well as a range of daily skin and hair care products.

Lecithin helps the skin to breathe – due to the ability to send the much needed oxygen directly into the skin cells. When the skin is able to breathe properly, its color, structure and skin look is also improved.