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Soy drink with the taste of peach:Your children will be enthusiastic when you put a tea bag – for example raspberry tea, peach tea into the finished soy milk. Pull and finish – the taste of the tea transfers fantastically to the soy drink.

Soy cereal drink:
Cook 1 cup of whole rice or oatmeal, mix some vanilla, some dates and 3 cups of homemade soy milk with the program no. 6 of the Vegan Star VR 100.

oat drink:
Produce an oat drink with Vegan Star’s organic program (as per the instructions).
Alternatively, you can try a thick drink with program no. 3 or use program no. 6 (with any water temperature). As you like best. After completion, add 2 minced dates, 1 teaspoon of real vanilla, 1 pinch of salt, pitted dates or raisins to the container and shake everything again with program no. 6

Almond drink:
200 g almonds, 1 l water, honey oder maple syrup.
Almonds briefly scald and peel off. Add about 1 – 2 minutes in boiling water, then the skin can be easily solved. Place in the water container and select program 6. Maybe sweeten with some honey or maple syrup.