4 07, 2019

The history of tofu


There is a rumor that there was soy milk at the court of a Chinese emperor long before the tofu. Although he himself was said [...]

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4 07, 2019

The valuable ingredients of soybean


Soybeans are among the best protein donors, because the protein building blocks are much easier to dissolve enzymatically than in fish or meat. If there [...]

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4 07, 2019

Elixir of life LECITHIN


In the past, chicken eggs were the only source of lecithin. However, this lecithin, which was extracted from the egg yolk, spoiled quickly and decomposed [...]

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4 07, 2019

General information about the soybean


The Encyclopedia Britannica 1976 describes soybean as the most economically important bean in the world. The soybean is reckoned to the genus Faboideae. There are [...]

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4 07, 2019

Magic formula soy


SOJA- The magic formula for health, youth freshness and nutrition-conscious Rich in valuable ingredients: The soybean brings an unrivaled whole food nutrition to the [...]

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