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banana-berry ice-cream (vegan)

On hot summer days, we guess everyone is happy about a refreshing ice cream. Here’s a recipe you can use to make a healthy banana and berry ice cream very fast. The vegan ice cream is basically free from added sugar and because of the fruit and the oat milk also really healthy. You can decide for yourself what’s in your vegan ice cream.

Note: Use a powerful blender to mix frozen fruit so nothing breaks. 😊


  • 2 ripe bananas frozen
  • 180 gram berries frozen
  • 80 ml oat milk made with the VEGAN STAR
  • some maple syrup to sweeten
  • Topping: fresh fruits, chocolate sprinkles,, chocolate cream, cocoa powder etc …



Cut the bananas into small pieces and then place them with the berries in the freezer until completely frozen. The fruits should be stored for at least 2 hours in the freezer in order to optimally process them..


For the fast-made ice cream mix the fruit and the homemade oat milk, soy milk or almond with a good blender. If there is a need for more sweetness, just sweeten with a little maple syrup. But with ripe bananas but should be enough sweetness in the ice.

Handle the ice immediately after mixing, decorate with topping and serve immediately. However, if the cream is too liquid after crushing, simply place it in the freezer for a few minutes to allow it to harden.

Note: Instead of berries, it is also possible to use other types of fruit as long as the bananas still form the basis for the ice. Whether mango, lemon, apricot or plum ice cream – the creativity and whim are no limits. Bananas and cocoa powder even make a delicious chocolate ice cream.

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