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Under the name Vegan Star, we have been offering vegan drinks products throughout Europe for over 15 years.

We were therefore among the very first, so to speak, the pioneers who dealt with these machines. There are now many co-suppliers and even more device types on the market. We understand that it is difficult for you to choose the right device with which you have long enjoyed.

We have the Benefits of the Vegan Star active for you, so that you can choose easily.

Do you value quality and safety?

  • On trouble-free, comfortable work programmes
  • On the possibility of completely individual choice of water temperature and number of crushing cycles
  • On the simplest cleaning
  • For maximum safety
  • A reliable partner when it comes to spare parts and warranty services

Experience matters!

Since the first attempts with devices for the production of vegan drinks (for legal reasons drinks made from vegan ingredients may not be called soy milk) in our house has been constantly working on the improvement and further development of the devices. and carried out countless tests. This many years of activity and experience with so-called “soy milk makers” establishes our special know-how!

When we select a device for our customers today, we know what technology and design are all about. We work intensively with the manufacturers and bring our experience and, above all, the knowledge of the requirements of the European market.