About us

We were thus among the very first pioneers to occupy themselves with such appliances. Nowadays there are many competitors and more types of appliances on the market. We understand that it is difficult for you to choose the right appliance, which is designed to provide you with years of enjoyment.

We have especially pointed out for you the advantages of the latest appliance Vegan Star active what will make your choice easier!

Do you value quality and safety?

Experience counts!

Since the first experiments with appliances for the production of vegan drinks (for legal reasons vegan drinks produced from vegan ingredients may not be referred to as soy milk) our company has been constantly working on the improvement and development of appliances and has carried out countless tests. These extensive activities and year-long experience with so-called “soy milk makers” are justification for our special know-how!

Today when we select appliances for our customers, we know what matters with regard to technology and design. We work closely with the manufacturers and bring our experience and above all our knowledge to the requirements of the European market.