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The valuable ingredients of the soybean

Soybeans are among the best protein donors because the protein building blocks can be enzymatically extracted much more easily than fish or meat. When there is a lack of protein, the genes in the cell nuclei reduce cell metabolism because there is a lack of building material for important target proteins.
Many people today suffer from these consequences, which manifest themselves in tiredness, listlessness, nervousness and feelings of fear.

Soy, no matter in which form you take it, as a pre-purchased yogurt, as a drink freshly prepared with Vegan Star or homemade tofu, builds up new connective tissue and has a rejuvenating effect.
The consumption of soy products has been shown to increase concentration.
Another great advantage is the degreasing effect on the liver.
Strengthens with poor eyesight!

are contained in the soybean.

It is well known that Asian women who consume more soy products rarely suffer from hormone-related cancers such as breast cancer, uterine cancer or men’s prostate cancer.

Soy products also seem to keep the blood more fluid, reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis and have an antiocidal effect.

In addition to the milk that you make from organic soybeans with Vegan Star or soy yoghurt, you can also use the okara that remains in the device. Bean sprouts can be enjoyed balanced.

are also valuable ingredients of soybeans that work through the cell membranes of the intestine. They lower cholesterol and strengthen the immune system. They are also helpful against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Saponins are dissolved by boiling and can therefore be found in the cooking water or in the soy milk made with the Vegan Star.

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