Peeled soybeans

Peeled soybeans


To make one liter of soy drink, you need about 100 grams of peeled soybeans.

The beans are then soaked for 10 to 12 hours, then strained and mashed covered with a third of fresh water.

Then the pureed soybeans are boiled in approx. 660ml water for 20 minutes and strained through a large sieve and a tea towel. The soy milk is ready!


Now let everything cool down and, depending on your taste, refine with a vegan sweetener (such as date syrup approx. 20-60 grams or 1-3 tablespoons sugar).

The Vegan Star vital is very suitable for the nutrition-conscious people who want to enjoy soy drinks more often.

Because this combines the steps of cooking, pureeing and straining and thus simplifies enjoyment. 😉