Soy-based drink

Organic soy from Austria

Anyone who believes that soy nowadays only comes from the rainforest or has to come from the rainforest is not necessarily right. It is true that vast amounts of soy are grown in large parts of South America and that these are then mainly used as animal feed, but we as end consumers can largely determine where we get our soy from. After all, we decide for ourselves whether we should avoid buying meat from factory farming, where the animals are fed “rainforest soy”, and buy soy products whose origin is regional.

Around69,000 hectares of soy are grown here in Austria. The size of the acreage quadrupled between 2004 and 2020. Can you imagine that?

And the great thing about it is that 39% of the soy grown in Austriais organic! This means that organic farming is used on around 26,000 hectares.

And we also have soybeans for you from controlled cultivation with an organic guarantee. You can take a look HERE >>

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